Rocchi Meets Lazio For Discussions On Becoming The Primavera Head Coach For Next Season

A playoff loss to Brescia forced Lazio to reconsider their primavera. There is a lot of disappointment and pain in missing promotion goals, and for that, we need to start over as soon as possible.

There is also the question of who will be the coach next season in the ongoing assessment: Stil with Alessandro Calori, who succeeded Menichini a year ago or they will identify replacements for the primavera's head coach.

As the usual Radiosei news reviews report, Tommaso Rocchi, the current U-18 coach, and protagonist of the youth team path, is the pole name to replace Calori.

The two sides have already held their first meeting to exchange views and lay the groundwork for next season's restart, but more meetings will be held in the coming days to determine the situation.

Rocchi's promotion would be a logical consequence of the work the former No. 9 has done in recent years and a right return for his performance at the lower level.

Also, this isn't the first time for Lazio, before Rocchi, Simeone Inzaghi is already at the center of this promotion, giving an extra boost to the former Lazio captain who dreams of one day becoming a senior team head coach.

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