Carnesecchi Injured! Lazio Re-evaluate Their Market Strategy

Marco Carnesecchi is the number one target for the Lazio goalkeeper. The 2000 class prioritizes Biancoceleste, who should contact Atalanta tomorrow to try and close the gap between demand (15 million) and offer (10 million).

However, an unfortunate incident made matters worse: Carnesecchi dislocated his shoulder in a game with the Italian U-21, the extent of which has yet to be assessed. The former Cremonese goalkeeper's future may also depend on it. 

If it is a serious injury, Carnesecchi will face the risk of undergoing surgery, he will miss part of the summer retreat, and may even miss the first part of the league next season. 

Lazio will seriously consider what to do in this situation: Pepe Reina may not be enough for a long time, a factor that could change the market strategy. However, if the dislocation is minor, or certainly not overly intrusive, Lazio will remain on high alert for the 2000 class goalkeeper and may want to lower the price even further.

The answer should be revealed tomorrow, which could also affect the planned meeting between Lazio and Atalanta.

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