Lazio Responds And Defends Zaccagni & Lazzari On Their Exit From The Italian Training Camp

Lazio gave a firm response to rumors that Manuel Lazzari and Mattia Zaccagni came home early from international duty with the Italian national team so easily.

Aquile duo Manuel Lazzari and Mattia Zaccagni were supposed to join Italy in this month's Nations League to face Germany, Hungary, and England, but were sent home early last Thursday.

The incident came as a shock to manager Roberto Mancini, who said the two players looked fit and suggested they were not making an effort to stay. There was controversy in the media, and The Aquile gave a clear answer.

In a statement via ANSA, the Italian capital club said: "We are very surprised by the news and comments regarding the physical condition of the Biancoceleste players, Manuel Lazzari and Mattia Zaccagni."

"In recent days, even before the Wembley game against Argentina, the national team's medical staff communicated with Lazio's medical staff, They regularly inform players who have health problems after the first training session. "

"On June 2, the national team's medical staff confirmed that a decision had been made to send the two players back, as their physical condition did not allow them to continue training or to participate in the next Azzuri matches."

"On their return, some tests were performed which confirmed the initial diagnosis. Lazzari and Zaccagni have started treatment and are being closely monitored."

"As a result, the media's reconstruction of other events is incorrect, and some of the comments are completely unfounded."

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