Lazio Vs Bologna Becomes The Second Most Attendance After Milan Vs Udinese

August 17, 2022

For Italian fans, the return to Serie A is exciting. The league has finally restarted, but most importantly, after a three-month hiatus, stadiums have reopened.

However,  there is an interesting fact to consider, as Serie B also intends to challenge Serie A at the count attendance of the fans.

Palermo-Perugia was better than Sampdoria-Atalanta and Verona-Napoli, gaining almost 22,000 spectators, while the Parma-Bari game (11,500 fans in the stadium) ended up in The influx of top 10 viewers from the most viewed matches.

In this particular ranking, Lazio came in second with 44,664 spectators, as the season ticket campaign will still open until August 18. In short, the spectators from the Biancoceleste were very well received, just behind Milan-Udinese.

The following are the statistics of the audience of Serie A and Serie B in the last round:

Milan-Udinese 70.197 (Serie A)

Lazio-Bologna 44.664 (Serie A)

Juventus-Sassuolo 38.725 (Serie A)

Fiorentina-Cremonese 34.461 (Serie A)

Salernitana-Roma 26.006 (Serie A)

Lecce-Inter 25.353 (Serie A)

Palermo-Perugia 21.835 (Serie B)

Sampdoria-Atalanta 20.047 (Serie A)

Verona-Napoli 16.967 (Serie A)

Parma-Bari 11.459 (Serie B)

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