Lazio At Risk Of Losing Luka Romero For Free

September 28, 2022

Lazio risks losing Luka Romero on a free transfer.  The alarm went off a few weeks ago and the Argentine turns 18 in November and can negotiate with any team.

Negotiations are currently underway for an extension to the contract, which will expire in June next year. Agent Ramadani is waiting, knowing all too well that if Lotito's club does not act in the coming weeks, the situation will only become more complicated. After all, the youngster is on the radar of many European clubs, and he has been included in the 'Next Generation' 50 best talent list published by the British newspaper "The Guardian".

He was also called up by coach Scaloni to do an internship in Argentina Senior Team last June, with whom he worked through the youth team. Of course, on the left, both the character and the action are compared with Messi. He paid a price for being young, maybe only 160 cm tall (physically he must grow, as he weighs only 64 kilograms).

He worked hard in training and some management believed he was a real talent, but Sarri continued to study him and didn't trust him from the start. The fact that he only played one game, the one that Lazio lost 5-1 in Denmark, was not enough for a youngster who was hungry for more playing experience.

It is still possible to enter the technical assessments of the Biancoceleste coach but if Romero doesn't play more in 12 games over the next 43 days, his contract situation will only get more complicated.

As mentioned, the same player, despite his good form in the capital, turned down a contract extension offer, also for the continued appreciation of fans after seeing him only a few times. It would be a real shame and financial suicide for the club if a mutually beneficial solution could not be found.

After the Pedro Neto case, President Lotito had to personally come forward to solve the problem, Neto was sold for a high price but fled Lazio because he had never seen Inzaghi's first choice. He's now one of the most talked-about players in the Premier League, so watch out, the alarm goes off at Formelo Sport: you can't lose such a young player in the season in which you tried to lower the average age of the team.

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