All Possibilities For Lazio's Chances In The Group Stage Of The Europa League

There is one game left until the end of the Europa League group stage, and Group F is up in the air. Lazio, Sturm Graz, Feyenoord, and Midtjylland are all within three points, all still hoping for a place in the knockout rounds. 

The standing right now shows that Biancoceleste is at the top and therefore has a significant advantage. The final round is crucial to know who will finish first, who will finish second, who will finish the conference, and who will be eliminated from all European competitions. Below you will find all combinations of Lazio qualifications.

Ranking: 1. Lazio 8 (goal difference: -1), 2. Sturm Graz 8 (-4), 3. Feyenoord 5 (+3), 4. Midtjylland 5 (+2).

Next Round: Feyenoord-Lazio, Midtjylland-Sturm Graz

Lazio Qualifies First If:

- Wins with Feyenoord and Sturm Graz wins with Midtjylland but remains with a worse goal difference.

- Draw with Feyenoord and Sturm Graz lose or draw with Midtjylland.

Lazio Qualifies From Second If:

- Draw with Feyenoord and Sturm Graz win with Midtjylland.

What if everyone arrives at the same points? 

If Feyenoord and Midtjylland beat Lazio and Sturm Graz respectively in the last round, the four teams will end the group stage with 8 points. 

In this case, the Dutch and Danish teams will advance as they have a better goal difference. If Lazio's goal difference is greater than Sturm Graz, Lazio will be relegated to the Europa Conference League, and if Sturm Graz's goal difference is greater than Lazio, Lazio will be eliminated.

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