Immobile Can Recover Faster Than Planned Time

November 01, 2022

All the lights and attention on Immobile. They would be regardless, let alone in the derby week and with an injury to be disposed of. This morning, the bomber underwent an instrument check at Paideia, which turned out well, ahead of the planned recovery time.

The muscle injury in his left hamstring healed. However, it is still a frantic race against time for Roma and a miracle will be needed to return on Sunday. Maybe the risk is too great. Barely visible on the pitch, we stick to "almost", which poses a huge danger today.

The new clinical study is now scheduled for early next week. This may have shown how complicated it is to see him in the squad at Roma. His name would have positive psychological implications on the list, even more so after Milinkovic-Savic's disqualification: every aspect was assessed and after six days nothing could be ruled out.

The timetable involves returning to match preparations for the most likely clash with Monza. And then the away match against Juventus before the World Cup break remains probable. His condition will be daily monitored in Formello. But a miracle is still needed for the match against Roma. 

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