Pellegrini's Deal With Lazio Is Now Complicated To Realize

Lazio is reportedly very interested in Luca Pellegrini's services in the January transfer window, however, it will be difficult for them to acquire the Juventus left-back. The club is indeed seeking new players in that position, the defender is one of their preferred options.

The 23-year-old Italian, Luca Pellegrini was offered to Lazio a few weeks ago, the club immediately expressed interest in the concept, but after a while, it became apparent that it would be difficult to reach an agreement, at the moment, he is on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt, this is making things more and more difficult.

As reported by Radiosei, it is revealed that Biancoceleste must first resolve the issue of the liquidity index before Pellegrini can be recruited, which means that one or more players must be transferred or sold.

Additionally, Eintracht Frankfurt has few options at left-back after the injury of Christopher Lenz, who occupied the same position as the Italian defender, so they are unlikely to want to let Pellegrini go in January.

The Juventus left-back is paid 3 Million Euros annually, this is a lot of amounts for The Aquile to pay and they would only consider a loan deal with some permanent purchase options included in his contract, not just a short-term loan with no conditions.

Considering all these problems, The Aquile may choose to pursue a simpler idea, however, Pellegrini is currently only an attractive proposition.

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