Sarri And Tare Have Meeting In Formello To Discuss January Transfer Market

December 02, 2022

Lazio resumed training at Formello yesterday after Sarri allowed them to take a few days off. The coach himself was able to find DS Tare for a face-to-face meeting at the sports center to plan the second half of the season in anticipation of the next transfer market in January.

The last meeting was with President Lotito after the market summit, and then yesterday's sideline at the resumed event in Formello. Sarri and Tare's relationship never blossomed due to two different ways of working. Problems erupted in Casale's negotiations last year which then he still arrived in July. Regardless, the rift between the two never healed. The director contract is expiring, and the extension doesn't seem so obvious.

The situation linked to the renewal of Tare is complex. The Director now has less power in the Formello sports center than before. The arrival of Fabiani and the arrival of Enrico Lotito have limited the former Biancoceleste striker's movements. The Milinkovic situation is on the horizon for the Lazio director, with Real Madrid preparing to make an offer for the Serbian midfielder in the summer: it will be Tare's job to make the most of the situation.

The dispute between the director and the coach is mainly about the transfer market. Sarri wants a full-back in January, something he has repeatedly informed President Lotito. Lazio needs to sell before buying and it will be Tare's job to do it. The dream was to bring in Fabiano Parisi from Empoli, a name that has also been followed by the league's big names. In June, if not a few months before, Tare's future will be revealed in what will be a fundamental stage in Mr. Sarri's path to Biancoceleste.

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