Ballotta: "Maximiano Reminds Me A Lot Of The Muslera Situation. I Believe The Most Effective Solution Is To Reintroduce Him To The Game Before The Season Is Over."

Marco Ballotta, the former goalkeeper for Lazio, made comments about current Lazio's second goalkeeper, Luis Maximiano.

Ballotta interacted with the microphones of Quelli della Liberta, who releases statements about Maximiano's season and referred to former Lazio goalkeeper, Muslera

"Maximiano reminds me a lot of the Muslera situation. He also encountered problems during his first year, but he was adept at regaining his composure. The Portuguese goalkeeper should go the same way."

"Now it's appropriate to concentrate on Provedel, then we must decide whether or not to give Maximiano another shot next year. I believe the most effective solution is to reintroduce him to the game before the season is over, even at the high cost of the investment.  It's difficult to assess him at this point, he has only participated in two full matches."

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