Stam: "Lazio Will Always Be In My Heart. I Want Them To Finish In The Top Four Of The Competition."

February 10, 2023

The former Lazio player, Jaap Stam, recalled his professional career and his time with Lazio. Before the game against Atalanta, as usual, Biancocelesti's players past or present were interviewed during the match program. Specifically, Jaap Stam has made statements about his Lazio and Sarri's Lazio:

"I have many fond memories of my time in Rome.  I was fortunate enough to win a trophy and most importantly, I had the opportunity to interact with many legendary players. The best thing, however, was the affection of the Biancoceleste fans, who immediately made me feel at home."

"February 11, 2004, 4 goals against Milan and won the cup final?  That night was breathtaking. We defeated Ancelotti's Milan 4-0, a formidable team that won the Italian league a few months later.  We immediately unlocked the game, even though we had already closed it during the first half."

"Stronger partner?  Hard to say, we had many world-class players in the squad.  However, we were also bonded together, we supported each other.  The defense was phenomenal: Peruzzi, Nesta, Mihajlovic, Couto, and Favalli.  However, being around a legendary champion like Alessandro was amazing, we immediately developed a strong bond, both on and off the field. First to Lazio and then to Milan."

"If I still follow Lazio?  Of course, I follow them.  When they win, I am happy for the fans and the team. Lazio will always be in my heart. I enjoy watching Sarri's team's matches because they play well and prefer to possess the ball, they seek control of the game also because of the numerous quality players they have on their roster, including Luis Alberto, Milinkovic, Zaccagni, F. Anderson, and Immobile.  I want them to finish in the top four of the competition."

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