Sarri: "Two Goals In Two Minutes Was The Result Of A Poor Second Half. We Stopped Defending As A Team, And When That Happens, Everything Falls Apart."

Following their 2-1 loss to hosts Lecce in the first match of the 2023/24 Serie A season on Sunday (20/08) evening local time, Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri expressed his anger during the press conference. He accused his team of having an excessively absurd defensive phase which led to their defeat.

In their first Serie A match of the season, Lazio experienced a 2-1 loss in the away match against Lecce. The hosts managed to score twice in the final two minutes of the game. During the post-match interview, Sarri was visibly frustrated and unable to conceal it.

"Two goals in two minutes was the result of a poor second half that led to a superior performance by Lecce that caused us to concede," Sarri told DAZN.

"Our defensive phase was considered to be laughable, we believed we could defend with only four people, but it was extremely difficult to do so. We have no idea when the moment will take place. We were passive, even in the box, it was very bad, even though the first half was good.

"I have always been concerned that this team is shallow, I'm attempting to improve and you can't believe this loss is caused by a decrease in physical strength," the coach said.

"The second half was bad, we were careless, everything was bad, and now we have to continue to battle against these shadows. We stopped defending as a team, and when that happens, everything falls apart."

"It's difficult to predict something like this, the result of pre-season games are of little importance because the goal is to be ready for competitive games."

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