[Serie A] Lazio - Monza = 1 - 1

September 25, 2023

The highly anticipated showdown between Lazio and Monza ended in a rather underwhelming fashion. During Week 5 of Serie A, both teams faced off at the Stadio Olimpico and ultimately drew with a score of 1-1. As a result of this outcome, Lazio finds themselves in the 15th position on the leaderboard while Monza sits just one spot ahead in 14th place.

At the Stadio Olimpico, the two teams showed unwavering persistence and determination from the very beginning of the match, demonstrating their full capacity. However, Lazio was able to take the lead through C. Immobile's penalty goal in the 12th minute. Later, in the 36th minute, R. Gagliardini scored another goal for Monza to tie the game.

The highly charged match ultimately concluded with neither team coming out ahead, resulting in a draw with a final score of 1-1. Throughout the intense competition, both teams made numerous attempts to score against each other, but neither was ultimately successful in gaining an advantage over the other. The final whistle marked the end of the game with no clear winner.

Lazio (4-3-3): Provedel 6.5; Marusic 5.5, Patric 5.5, Romagnoli 5.5, Hysaj 4.5 (55' Pellegrini 6); Guendouzi 5 (55' Vecino 5.5), Cataldi 5 (76' Rovella 5.5), Luis Alberto 6; Isaksen 5 (55' Felipe Anderson 5), Immobile 6.5, Zaccagni 6.5 (76' Pedro 6)

Bench: Sepe, Mandas, Casale, Gila, Lazzari, Basic, Kamada, Castellanos

Coach: Sarri 5.5

Goalscorers: 12' Immobile Pen (L), 36' Gagliardini (M)


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