Caicedo: "Immobile? I've Noticed That He's Going Through A Rough Patch. Over The Years With Sarri, He's Been Quite Selfless For His Teammates, Whereas It Seems Like The Team Isn't Creating Enough Opportunities For Him In Return. It Pains Me To Witness The Team Struggling."

October 04, 2023

Upon his initial arrival, there was little expectation for his performance. In his first year of play, he faced numerous criticisms due to errors made in front of the goal that were pivotal to the season's outcome. However, there was a significant shift thereafter. Through his accomplishments on the field, Felipe Caicedo garnered support from the Lazio team as well as their fanbase, rapidly becoming an icon and, in certain respects, a legitimate symbol. Regrettably, his farewell was one of the most heartrending moments, such that even now, when the clock hits 90', some still hope to see him appear in the area for one of his trademark shots, capable of deciding matches that seemed to be lost, and leaving everyone in awe. The 'Pantera', as he was called in Rome, spoke with Tag24 regarding Lazio's current state and his rapport with the fans.

"Immobile? I've noticed that he's going through a rough patch, but Ciro is a striker who requires support. Over the years with Sarri, he's been quite selfless for his teammates, whereas it seems like the team isn't creating enough opportunities for him in return. He thrives on scoring goals, and to assist him better, we need to deliver more service in the penalty area. Lazio tends to dominate possession in midfield but needs to penetrate deeper. Immobile has consistently scored at least twenty goals in the league, making him Lazio's most crucial offensive asset. Ciro's ability can't be questioned; he deserves utmost respect even during challenging times."

"It's hard to understand behind this performance; it pains me to witness the team struggling. It appears as though the team encounters numerous difficulties when it's required to defend. Nonetheless, we mustn't lose hope; Lazio has ample room for improvement, and I'm confident we'll witness the return of last year's team, characterized by solid defense and a lethal attack. Starting the season against so many formidable opponents is never easy, but I observed some notable improvements in the first half against Milan, which keeps my optimism alive. As for the team's seasonal objectives, those are often decided from an internal perspective, and I can only speak as a passionate fan. I hope we can secure a return to the Champions League, where we have a chance to make significant progress. Rediscovering our identity is crucial, and with that, positive results will follow."

"For numerous seasons, Luis Alberto was the team's leader. Naturally, Milinkovic's departure increases his responsibilities, and it appears that he has no trouble accepting them. I've never seen a more mature Wizard before. He used to be a talker, but I know he's matured a lot in this area to aid his colleagues. He must continue in this manner because he is a phenomenon as both a player and a man."

"People's affection is more valuable to me than money or trophies; it will last forever. I consider myself fortunate to have met both sides of the coin in Rome. I couldn't settle in and didn't play much for the first year and a half because I had the Bomber in front of me who played everything and scored a lot. When you have someone like Immobile on your team, it's difficult to find room. After that, I was able to relax and have a good time. The affection I have for the fans is mutual, and it will live on in my heart and the hearts of my family, who had a wonderful time in Rome."

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