Cataldi: "We Recognize And Appreciate The Worth Of Fiorentina's Team, But If We Do Not Face Our Opponents With Maximum Effort And Determination, We Will Struggle Against All Teams."

After the loss against Feyenoord, Maurizio Sarri will make his return to the Olimpico in Rome on Monday evening. To continue advancing in the rankings, he will need to restore his team's physical and mental stamina as much as possible. On Monday Night, Danilo Cataldi will be featured, as stated in the customary match program.

To what extent does the desire for redemption persist following the loss to Feyenoord?

"There is no denying that we did not perform at our best during the game. As we all know, such a performance is unacceptable in European football. Although the evening did not go as planned, it can serve as an invaluable lesson for us as we move forward in this season. It is important to remember that we have many more games to play, and we can use this experience to improve and do better in the future."

What kind of game do you think we should expect with the arrival of Fiorentina, a team that typically performs better in away games than when they are playing at home?

"We are set to face a challenging match ahead of us against Fiorentina, a team of distinguished worth due to the remarkable efforts of their coach, Italiano, in the previous season. Their team exhibits a strong inclination towards an attacking style of play, and we must be able to tactfully maneuver out of their pressing strategies to locate favorable areas on the field. Apart from tactical strategies, achieving our ranking will require a significant level of passion and dedication to bring home the three fundamental points. We recognize and appreciate the worth of Fiorentina's team, but we must also acknowledge our own team's potential and ability."

After a challenging start, does the recent succession of triumphs over Atalanta and Sassuolo indicate that Lazio has shifted into a higher gear for the remainder of the championship?

"At the beginning of the season, our team faced some difficulty as we suffered two costly losses against Lecce and Genoa. However, we have since taken the right steps to improve and progress. A crucial moment came when we faced Feyenoord and were forced to stop and reflect on the importance of always playing to the fullest potential. In modern football, this applies to every level of competition; if we do not face our opponents with maximum effort and determination, we will struggle against all teams. This must be our fundamental belief moving forward."

With 209 appearances in Serie A and a consistent track record of improvement over the years, the position of playmaker in the national team is currently undergoing some modifications. Given these changes, do you maintain confidence in the possibility of a future call-up?

"Continuous growth is a journey I embarked upon when I began playing consistently under Sarri. I still have room for improvement and aspire to progress alongside my team. The national squad boasts talented midfielders, but currently, my primary focus lies in elevating Lazio's standing in the league, ensuring we reclaim the rightful positions we deserve. Additionally, I aim to demonstrate a higher level of performance in the Champions League, distinct from what we displayed against Feyenoord."

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