Immobile: "I Hold Lazio Close To My Heart, And Always Will. The Injury Is Behind Me, And I'm Sorry For Not Being Able To Participate In Crucial Matches With Both Lazio And The National Team."

October 24, 2023

After his comments about potentially regretting not accepting an offer from Saudi Arabia last year caused a stir, Ciro Immobile sought to clarify his stance on his future at Lazio.

"I hold Lazio close to my heart, and always will. As their captain, we have accomplished many magnificent feats together. Recently, I gave an interview that was published. However, the message conveyed through the interpretation of words often differs from that which is presented through video. The visual element adds depth to the expressions and images that accompany the message being conveyed," expressed the striker via Calciomercato.

"My error stemmed from valuing a handful of individuals above those who have remained loyal and care for me, and vice versa. It was a mistake to prioritize the former. It should be noted that I have no intention of resorting to media outlets to address this matter, as that is not in line with my style."

The striker was prompted to discuss his potential future in Saudi Arabia.

"The love I have for Lazio and those who cherish me is immeasurable, and I am confident that I can contribute a great deal to both."

After sitting out a single match and skipping international duty, the 33-year-old athlete declared that he was in good condition.

"The injury is behind me, and I'm sorry for not being able to participate in crucial matches with both Lazio and the national team. Our objective is to qualify for Euro 2024, and we're committed to giving our all to achieve that goal. It's always a great joy to represent both of these teams."

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