Lotito: "I Am Currently Communicating With The Committee Regarding The Creation Of The Expo 2030 Logo. I Intend To Unveil It During The Match Against Fiorentina."

October 23, 2023

Likely, the debut of the Expo 2030 logo on Lazio's jerseys will take place during their home game against Fiorentina on Monday, October 30th.

The introduction of the Expo 2030 logo on the Lazio jerseys was anticipated to be unveiled during the match against Sassuolo, however, this did not occur. President Lotito proposed the idea a few weeks ago, which was also authenticated by an official statement issued by the Biancoceleste club.

"As the top team representing Rome, Lazio has consistently shown its commitment towards safeguarding the fundamental principles of sport and the welfare of the city. In line with this objective, Lazio is dedicated to undertaking all conceivable efforts to bolster Rome's bid to host Expo 2030, a significant global event."

The president of Biancoceleste himself confirmed to the Messaggero that actions were taken promptly after they were spoken.

"I am currently communicating with the Committee regarding the creation of the Expo 2030 logo. I intend to unveil it during the match against Fiorentina. It seems appropriate to showcase it at our home stadium, the Olimpico, as it would represent the capital."

Yet, the situation changes when it comes to the Champions League games. To clarify, the Expo logo will be absent from the Biancoceleste jerseys in European matches. The company's primary goal is to secure significant sponsors to enhance the club's financial resources.

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