Lotito's Bold Move: Considering Rome Expo 2030 Logo As Lazio's Main Jersey Sponsor

October 08, 2023

Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, is contemplating the possibility of incorporating the Roma Expo 2030 logo into the team's uniform. Recently, AS Roma, the city rivals of The Aquile had made a similar move by displaying the Riyadh Season logo on their uniforms as a contender for the Expo's host city in Italy's capital.

AS Roma has formed a partnership lasting for two years with Riyadh Season. As a result, the logo of Riyadh Season will now be showcased on the uniforms of AS Roma.

Busan and Riyadh have both emerged as potential competitors for Rome to host the World Expo 2030 exhibition. However, the recent Giallorossi deal has caused unease among local politicians, as well as Rome's mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

An official statement was released by Claudio Lotito concerning Rome's bid to host the 2030 Expo.

"As a team hailing from the capital, Lazio consistently carries out its actions to safeguard the greater significance of sports and the interests of the city of Rome."

"We will undertake all conceivable efforts to promote Rome's candidacy as the host city for a significant international event like Expo 2023, aiming to generate economic and social benefits for both the Italian capital and the nation, both now and in the future."

Consequently, Lotito is currently contemplating the utilization of the Rome Expo 2030 logo as the primary sponsor for their jerseys. While formal negotiations have not transpired as of yet, reports indicate that the president may be inclined to consent to the arrangement without financial considerations, given the evident public relations benefits. Moreover, this prospective partnership is viewed as potentially advantageous for enhancing Biancoceleste's stadium development efforts and garnering valuable political support.

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