Romagnoli's Ironclad Consistency: The Only Player Besides Provedel to Complete Every Full-Time Match This Season

Lazio is currently participating in various competitions. In the Champions League, the team is performing confidently and thrillingly, having earned four points from two matches. However, in Serie A, the team has faced numerous challenges and obstacles that have tested Sarri's players. Despite this, there are certain players whom the coach never abandons in both competitions. These players, who wear the biancoceleste jersey, are known for their incredible work ethic and impressive statistics in terms of the number of minutes played.

The one who never goes out is Ivan Provedel. This year there are no competitions for him. As Lazio's primary goalkeeper, he will be the one defending the goal in both the Champions League and Serie A, possibly leaving a few opportunities for Sepe and Mandas to prove themselves in the Italian Cup. So far, Provedel has played every single minute of the season, a total of 810 minutes, a noteworthy achievement that he shares with defender Alessio Romagnoli. Luis Alberto, who had previously played every minute of the season, is now stuck at 788 minutes due to his substitution during the last match against Celtic.

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