Sarri: "Rovella Has Only Recently Recovered From His Injury, So It Seems Appropriate To Give Him Consistency In The Starting Eleven. So Far This Season, His Defensive Qualities Have Pleased Me."

During the recent Serie A match at San Siro on Saturday (30/09) where Lazio faced off against Milan, Maurizio Sarri made some strategic player rotations. Sarri later explained that what pleased him most was the impressive performance showcased by the midfield after the changes were implemented.

For their match against Milan on Saturday night, Maurizio Sarri opted to make several alterations to Lazio's starting lineup. Up top, Taty Castellanos was given his debut start due to a flexor issue that Ciro Immobile is experiencing.

"During the first half, he performed commendably, similar to the team's overall performance. However, it should be noted that it was his first start, making his performance all the more impressive. Following the Torino match, Immobile reported a flexor issue, and upon consulting with a physician, he concluded that he wasn't prepared for play. We decided together that he would only play if it was necessary." said Sarri via DAZN.

Sarri's apparent satisfaction with rotating his squad systematically only extends to the midfield, where Nicolo Rovella seems to be his preferred option.

"In the first half, the midfield was fairly aggressive, winning the ball multiple times and counter-attacking. When we suffer, we defend quite deeply and don't give ourselves enough options to breathe and escape the pressure," he explained.

"Milan's pressure only lasted 10 minutes, which is to be expected when playing at the San Siro. We weren't helpless in any way, and we didn't let them press too hard."

"Rovella has only recently recovered from his injury, so it seems appropriate to give him consistency in the starting eleven. So far this season, his defensive qualities have pleased me." 

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