Spalletti Was In Attendance At The Match Between Milan And Lazio To Observe Several Players In Preparation For The Next Italy Call-Up

Luciano Spalletti, the coach of the Italian national team, is currently traveling to every match in the 2023-2024 Italian League. In the course of his travels, he has been spotted attending two live matches in the 2023-2024 Italian League thus far. One of those matches was the week 7 game between AC Milan and Lazio in the 2023-2024 Italian League.

During the AC Milan vs. Lazio match, Spalletti's focus was on identifying potential candidates for the Italian national team. Reports indicate that he closely monitored various players during the game. One player from AC Milan, Davide Calabria, has specifically caught Spalletti's attention and is currently being monitored by him.

However, it's also reported that Spalletti had his eye on several Lazio players. Among the names that caught his attention were Ivan Provedel, Alessio Romagnoli, and Nicolo Casale. Additionally, Spalletti is said to be interested in Nicolo Rovella and Mattia Zaccagni. However, he was unable to observe Ciro Immobile's performance during the match. The reason for this is that Ciro Immobile was unable to defend Lazio due to an injury.

Luciano Spalletti's actions were undoubtedly beneficial to the Italian national team. Spalletti can see how the players he has included in the Italian national team have improved by watching live matches in the 2023-2024 Italian League. Aside from that, he has the option of scouting new players for the present Italian national team.

According to Spalletti's recent moves, the coach intends to make changes to the Italian national squad in the future.

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