Marusic's Tactical Transition: Exploring New Roles with Tudor at Lazio

Tudor and Marusic recently had a phone conversation where the coach outlined his plans for the Montenegrin's role in the new tactical setup.

Upon returning from international duty, Adam Marusic joined Tudor's Lazio for their first training session together. Marusic, who had been playing for the Montenegrin national team in friendly matches, was back at the club and ready to engage in morning training under the guidance of the new Biancoceleste coach. Tudor has opted for a return to a 3-man defense, a system in which Marusic has previously operated as both a wide midfielder and a central defender under Inzaghi, transitioning into a full-back role under Sarri's management.

There has been ongoing communication between Tudor and Marusic over the past few days, with Tudor recently initiating a discussion regarding Marusic's role. Tudor's plan is to utilize Marusic as a left-sided midfielder, a position where he experimented with Pedro during the break, while also testing Felipe Anderson on the opposite flank. This signifies a return to Marusic's previous roles, with Tudor's arrival potentially altering not just his position but also his future prospects.

Marusic arrived in Rome in the summer of 2017 and had been contemplating a change after spending seven years with the Biancoceleste. The remaining two months of the season will be crucial in clarifying individual preferences. Despite falling short of expectations under Sarri, Marusic consistently secured a spot in the starting lineup. Now, he faces the challenge of maintaining his position under Tudor while reverting to his previous role. Fresh from his national team experience, where coach Prosinecki deployed him as an attacking winger in a 4-2-3-1 formation, Marusic also scored a goal against Belarus, adding to his confidence. 

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