Tudor: "We Lacked Goals Today And Some Players Are Still Adjusting To My Style Of Play. We Will Observe Improvements In Our Upcoming Matches."

After the first leg Coppa Italia Semifinals match between Juventus and Lazio, Igor Tudor addressed the press conference, reflecting on the game:

"We had a mixed performance, with three good halves in three days but also one bad half where we conceded two goals, leaving everything open. Today, Juventus presented a different challenge, making it very difficult for us. Playing matches in Rome and Turin within such a short span is challenging. We lacked goals today and some players are still adjusting to my style of play. However, we are progressing in that direction, improving and evolving despite the demanding schedule we faced on Saturday."

"We faced Juventus, a team filled with world-class champions, and we accepted the challenge, ready to work harder. Our team was initially structured for a specific style of play, but circumstances have changed. These upcoming months will help us identify areas for improvement and players who can adapt to the changes."

"Regarding Immobile, he showed dedication and motivation despite the tough match against Juventus. We will observe improvements in our upcoming matches, especially in the Derby where we will assess the team's condition and make necessary adjustments. Zaccagni's absence due to injury is significant, and we must utilize players who can contribute effectively to win such crucial challenges."

"In terms of injuries, Zaccagni suffered a bad sprain, Patric had to be substituted, and Casale faced personal circumstances with the birth of his son. Provedel is also unlikely to recover in time."

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