Tare: "Inzaghi's Works Brought Me Immense Joy. They Are A Source Of Pride For Us As Well, As They Reflect His Growth And Learning At Lazio In Rome."

May 08, 2024

A year ago, Igli Tare, the former sporting director of Lazio who served for 23 years in the club's management, left and was replaced by Angelo Fabiani. Tare recently spoke to the media, including TMW, at the Adicosp football Grand Gala, touching on several topics.

Regarding Simone Inzaghi's remarks, the Scudetto win with Inter, and Inzaghi's improvement as a coach, Tare expressed great satisfaction. He emphasized the pride Lazio feels in Inzaghi's success, attributing it partly to his time at Lazio and predicting more achievements to come. 

"Inzaghi's works brought me immense joy. They are a source of pride for us as well, as they reflect his growth and learning at Lazio in Rome. We are thrilled with his championship win; I believe it's just the beginning of many more to come. The final loss served as a confirmation of his progress and realization of reaching a significant milestone. It also helped alleviate any doubts surrounding his achievements, despite a distinguished track record with numerous trophies. Patience, as they say, often reaps great rewards."

Tare also commented on Ciro Immobile, praising his versatility and importance to Lazio, dismissing rumors of a move to Napoli as unfounded.

"I do not doubt his caliber; he's versatile and crucial for Lazio, making it challenging for any other team to lure him away."

When asked about promising young coaches, Tare mentioned Thiago Motta and Gilardino, highlighting their innovative approaches to the game. He also spoke positively about De Rossi, both as a coach and a person, foreseeing a bright future for him.

Discussing Igor Tudor's coaching style, Tare acknowledged the team's positive performance while noting recent setbacks. He expressed hope for a successful season ahead.

"His approach to the game leans towards offense, yielding results up to a certain extent. The recent draw may have halted our winning streak, but overall, I believe he has done a commendable job thus far."

Reflecting on Lazio's recent seasons, Tare hoped for continued success, affirming the team's deserving of recognition despite occasional criticisms. He mentioned his decision to take a break, emphasizing the importance of balancing life's priorities and expressing gratitude to Lazio for his experiences there.

"I've contemplated taking a break for some time now. I can now affirm that it's been beneficial, and I feel prepared to return. Taking time off is crucial to remember life's other priorities. It was essential for me to take this break, and I'll always have a strong connection to Lazio for all it has given to me and my family."

Looking ahead, Tare mentioned the possibility of new challenges, stating that while returning to Lazio is unlikely, he remains open to intriguing projects that align with his interests. 

"I've been aware of the talk about my potential return to Lazio. However, it wouldn't be appropriate to regress as our journeys have taken different paths. I haven't actively pursued a return to Lazio this season. While I never rule anything out completely, this is my current stance. I'm fortunate to have a diverse background and speak multiple languages, making me open to various opportunities, especially those that align with my interests."

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