Lazio Had A Negotiation With Alaves For Escalante

If with Inzaghi he had found a lot of space as a first reserve, under Sarri's management the midfielder, Gonzalo Escalante, was unable to get involved. Only one presence, compared to the thirty of last year, confirms that the Italian-Argentine is out of the projects. 

In this sense, the January market will be useful for finding accommodation and, according to Marco Valerio Bava (news confirmed by Spain) there is already a pretender.

These days a negotiation between Lazio and Deportivo Alaves would have started, which would have already made the first offer. 

The Spanish club, which received the player’s ok, would have put forward a loan proposal with the right of redemption for 2.5 million euros. An offer not too far from the requests of Lazio which instead of the law would like the obligation to redeem and add an immediate € 500,000 as an onerous loan.

The distance between the parties is there but it is small and in these Christmas holidays it can be dealt with to reduce it, Escalante after a year and a half could already leave Lazio.

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