Casale: "We Are Experiencing Difficulty. With All Due Respect To Verona Who Raised Me, We Must Gain Points. We Need To Win With Lower-level Teams To Keep Our Table Position."

After Verona-Lazio, a match that resulted in a 1-1, Nicolò Casale, who had played in the match, commented on the performance of the Biancocelesti in the mixed zone.  These are the comments made to the media by Sarri's central defender.

"Could we do something more? Very often we are here to talk about this thing. Against these teams here, with all due respect to Verona who raised me, we must gain points. Let's focus on the positive aspects without ignoring the negative. Many lost points, the sooner we address this issue, the easier it will be."

"We are experiencing difficulty. We have a method of playing the ball on the ground that is fast and attempts to verticalize as soon as possible. It's not simple when you make too many technical errors. There is little to discuss. We must not remain here feeling sorry for ourselves, multiple games are remaining. Let's think of Atalanta which is a direct match."

"The Champions league spot fight? We performed admirably against the larger teams. Except for Napoli, who is competing in a separate championship, we have won all of our direct matches. You must complete this step here. On paper, we need to win with lower-level teams to keep our table position. Let us not forget that we are fourth and having a fantastic championship, but we can do better."

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