Sporting Gijon Want To Recruit Adeagbo From Lazio

Lazio has a longstanding history of directing their attention toward Spain, both regarding incoming and outgoing players. This trend will continue as the Biancoceleste potentially bids farewell to one of their young player in the Primavera, Enzo Adeagbo, relying on their established connection with the country for his departure.

Reports from Il Messaggero suggest that there has been interest in him from Sporting Gijon. The team that Jony played with this season has reportedly considered recruiting Adeagbo to improve their defense and make a push toward the top ranks of the Spanish division.

Contrarily, Adeagbo is not considered a part of Lazio's plans. He has been left out of the Primavera 2 team this season and has ultimately been excluded from the squad altogether. The Biancoceleste club is striving to relocate him, and it is possible that a positive relationship with the Spanish club could facilitate his departure.

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